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10 Most Common Reasons Why Buyers are Unable to Buy


1.  Lack of Urgency. Buyer does not have a deadline by which they must buy a home.

2.  Lack of Funds. Buyer has insufficient fund to cover down payment, closing costs and 2 months' reserve.

3.   Lack of Time to View Homes. Buyer delays in viewing homes, leading to other buyers making offers on the property instead.

4.  Undecided as to Where to Buy. Buyer cannot decide what part of town to live in.  Close to work? School?

5.  Unrealistic Expectations. Buyer wants to buy homes at prices that do not exist in the area they want to live.

6.  Different Sense of Time. Time is of the essence. Buyers not quick and nimble to respond to market dynamics.

7.  Long Learning Curve. New buyers and non-investor buyers take longer to catch up with market shifts.

8.  Inappropriate Offer. Buyer finds the house they like but made an inappropriate offer.
     (Price too low or unreasonable demands for seller concessions).

9.  Disagreement among Buyers. Buyers (such as husband and wife) cannot agree on what, where, when and how much to buy.

10. Hidden Decision Makers. Hidden advisers (friends, parents, family, relatives, neighors or co-workers) present information, often mistaken or unfounded, to the buyer that differ from what the realtor is showing, causing the buyer to distrust their realtor. Example: Showing buyer that there are houses for sale which the realtor did not show them. In reality, those are houses with an accepted offer, subject to lender's approval.

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