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"Elena Brings Customer Care to the Forefront ..."  -- David T.  (SDGE Engineer)

As a first-time home buyer, I thought purchasing a home would be difficult.  Elena Yu, my realtor, made it simple by guiding me in every step towards owning my first home.  Her guidance provided me with an in-depth understanding of the housing market and allowed me to make informed decisions.  

Elena's professionalism, knowledge, and experience truly made a difference.  Not once did I feel like she was going to be unable to find me a home.  I can't speak any more highly of Elena and recommen her to prospective home buyers.  What Elena brings to the table is more than just a real estate agent, but a turnkey solution to real estate services.  She brings customer care to the forefront of any business she conducts, is honest, trustworthy, and responsive to the needs of her clients--things you can't teach.  My experience was so gratifying that I'm sure the next home I purchase or sell, will be with Elena.  

"What a Wonderful Pleasure it was Having Elena Yu as my Realtor ..."
-- Joseph P.  (Nurse)

We first met when I contacted her regarding a property she was selling.  She generously took the time to show my fiance and me a powerpoint presentation she had made while showing us the property, as this was my first real estate purchase.  I had worked with two other real estate agents in the area but chose Elena to represent me as a buyer because she was the first realtor who actually listened to my interests and concerns. 

Elena formulated a MLS search which was accurate and did not waste time showing me homes in which I had no interest.  When I finally saw the home of my dreams, Elena worked aggressively on my behalf to barter with the seller for a lower price.  Elena worked around the clock (literally sending me emails with changes and concessions from the seller late evenings) during escrow to insure that my interests, above all else, were represented.  We closed escrow within three weeks of viewing the property without any unnecessary stress or disagreements with the seller or escrow agent and now I have an amazing home which I love, thanks to Elena.

I cannot emphasize enough how hard Elena worked on my behalf.  One example comes to mind.  Somehow, she managed to convince the seller to fix plumbing issues after I had already signed a contract with the seller on an "AS IS" basis.  Another example is how she suggested a home inspection engineer and mold inspector, both of which were reasonably priced, did the inspections immediately and presented us with meticulous and informative reports. 

She diligently followed up every one of my requests in a timely manner and even helped me after we closed escrow when I had questions, even something as simple as a good locksmith.  Because of how hard she worked on my behalf and how well she listened to every one of my requests, I am proud to call Elena Yu my realtor.  

"Elena Treats Me Like Family..."  Ryan G. (Nurse)

Hi Elena, I would like to let you know that I am very lucky to have met you and I am very greatful and really appreciate all the time and effort you have provided for my family.  I don't know how I would have handle all this things (repairs) if it weren't for your help. I feel like you are treating me as if I was your family and that really makes my heart grow big.

"Elena Represents the Epitome of Integrity..."
-- Jia L. (NIH Scientist)

Elena (also called Dr. Yu) often serves us in a behind-the-scenes capacity. She represents the epitome of integrity, professional intelligence in real estate business, sharp insight into potential problems with the buying-selling-renting issues, common sense and reason in doing the business.  Her broad logistical repair networking provided us affordable and quality works in a timely manner.  She also provided us clear guidance and timely communications through emails and phones, which often cleared my confusions and reduced our anxiety.  In a summer evening before 10:00 pm when I was really tired of the whole day clean-up work, she appeared in my house, helped us check out things important…She indeed commits herself to her customers in superb fashion with resilience and integrity.

"I can't begin to tell you how much you have helped me..."    --Annabel L. (Retired Journalist)

I was busy all day yesterday, unable to write to thank you for your very thoughtful analysis. I can't begin to tell you how much you have helped me these last few days. You responded promptly, you have good, intelligent ideas, and you put yourself in my shoes in looking at the problem and give me your honest, sensible opinion. All of that I appreciate greatly. To tell you the truth, I had never met a real estate agent who possesses these qualities... You can be sure I will appoint you as my agent to rent or sell the property in case I'm incapacitated.  And I will tell my friends in San Diego about your capabilities whenever I get a chance.  Thanks again and let's keep in touch.  

"Elena is absolutely top notch realtor..."   --Subhajit D. (Computer Tech)

Elena is absolutely top notch realtor. It was our great pleasure to work with her. We were moving from Texas to California and Elena was landlord's agent for one of the property we check listed for showing. Although that particular property did not work out for us as it was smaller in size, she found us the property we leased on the same evening. She wasn't the agent for that property and did not profit by finding us the property--it was simply because of her kind nature and philanthropic attitude she decided to help us out. After the showing, once we liked the property and decided to sign the lease, she literally walked us through the process on every step with the landlord's realtor making sure no corner is missed. We have worked with other realtors on our house before, but we put her way ahead in terms of knowledge, candidness and attention to detail. She has astonishingly good judgment of human nature and psychology, which is a key component of being a great realtor. She is very cautious, and her advices were spot on.  I think anyone will be lucky to have Elena as his/her realtor.  

"Elena Yu is very honest, knowledgable, efficient and responsible... "   --Becky Miller, Coldwell Banker Agent

I recently closed one of the most pleasurable real estate deals of my career.  It was a challenging transaction due to the fact that it was contingent on the sale of my buyer's home and other factors.  Elena Yu was the listing agent and deserves to be acknowledged for her professionalism.  She was very busy at the time yet responded promptly to my communications and always went above and beyond the call of duty to help the transaction to go smoothly.  Elena Yu is very honest, knowledgable, efficient and responsible and I hope to do more transactions with her in the future.  

"Elena is thorough and professional ... A pleasure to work with ... "  --Cheryl Chase-Berkson, Broker

Thank you so very much Elena for your locating tenants for the property in Scripps Ranch.  They have successfully moved in. You have been a pleasure to work with and are thorough and professional.  I would welcome future business with you.  

"I have interviewed 20 real estate agents and I could not find anyone that can be in the same league as Elena..."   --Jeremy  O. (Entrepreneur)

Elena Yu is an impeccable realtor in the San Diego area.  I have interviewed 20 real estate agents but could not find any one that can be in the same league as Elena.  She's knowledgeable, analytical, and thorough in all of her transactions.  To sell any property in California, owners have to fill up all the difficult forms, but Elena professionally helped us by clarifying any confusing questions.   Elena has a keen eye for spotting all of the important selling details of our property.  I will certainly work with Elena Yu again in any of the real estate transactions in California.  

"My Dream to Own a Home Has Come True!  Thanks to Elena Yu!" -- Kathleen M. (Dental Assistant)

I was working with an agent for more than a year and she never had time to meet when I have time.  One night, I decided to call (858) 405-5175 from a sign Elena Yu posted on a condominium that was in escrow.  She answered right away and gave me the phone number of a mortgage loan officer to get pre-approval.  That was Monday.  I was busy the next day and did not call.  On Wednesday, I received a phone call from the mortgage loan broker that Elena referred me to.  By Thursday, I learned that I was pre-qualified and met Elena and the loan broker at Weichert Realtors Elite office.  We set up an appointment to view homes.  By Friday, I had narrowed down my choices.  On Saturday, I signed the offer.  Everything was done in less than one week!  My offer was accepted the following Monday.

Elena really enjoys helping people find homes.  She went out of her way to help and did not do the bare minimum job just to earn a commission.  I would highly recommend Elena Yu to everybody who is looking for a home to buy.  My dream of owning a home has finally come true, and Elena Yu helped to make that dream possible.  -Kathleen M.


Elena Yu is a Fantastic Realtor!   -- Dan and Dave P.  (Health Care Administrator)

Elena Yu is a fantastic REALTOR®!  We originally made an offer on a not-FHA approved condo with Elena Yu's sign rider.  We lost to another buyer.  But Elena continued to represent us as our Buyer Agent.  Through her persistence and diplomacy, she wrestled a brand new condo (conversion) for us from other competing buyers, some of whom were cash buyers. 

We are absolutely delighted to have gone into escrow so fast!  We love the way Elena educated us along the way on how to buy an affordable home.  So, if you are thinking of buying or selling, please call Elena Yu right away!  She will work very hard for you.   - Dan and Dave P.


Elena Yu is an Ethical and Phenomenal Realtor...   -- H.T. Nguyen (physician)


Buying a bank-owned home is an extremely competitive process and carries inherent risks because brokers/agents do not know the past owners, property history and permit status.  I am pleased that Dr. Elena Yu represented my best interest and obtained all the disclosures possible on the following property so that I can handle the challenge of rehab. 

Elena Yu is an ethical and phenomenal REALTOR®.  If you know someone who is considering buying or selling a home, please call Elena anytime.  You will be happy to have her represent you.   - H.T. Nguyen

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